I would like to welcome you to WhoseParanoid.com, but since I do not know who you are, or whom you represent, I will just acknowledge you with a nod of my head.

Several people have asked me why I chose the name Whose Paranoid, and for me, it was simple; nearly every facet of our lives, is documented, collated, marked, read and filed by so damnable many organizations, institutions, companies, and governments! Laws are so prolifigate, intrusive and overboard, that I am waiting for the one that will mandate the length and size of our genitalia. Therefore, quite simply and because of this, that when someone speaks of paranoia, it is not simply a lark, fantasy, or a psychosis, but a serious question that one must ask one’s self:

Just WHOSE paranoid are you?”

By now, your probably asking yourself, why should I spend my valuable time at another paranoid web site? And, I am able to answer quite simply, that it is your time, and do with it what you will. I intend to make this site as complete as possible with articles, links, and documents relating to why, EVERYONE, should be paranoid today. Further, I realize that this is the World Wide Web, and I may receive visitors from around the globe, but this site is written from the perspective of a resident of the most powerful nation the World has ever known, and as such, will deal mostly with it's problems, possible solutions, and ways to minimize the paranoia. I will have articles relating to other nations, but unless it is related directly, this information will be limited- for the near future.

For the next several weeks, as I add information and content, this website will be redirected to my blog. However, I promise you this, that if you bear with me, and that as time progresses, this site will be worth your time, and please check back often.