Just North of Marble Falls, Texas, April 2007

"Among other evils which being unarmed bring you, it causes you to be despised."

The Prince

Niccolo Machiavelli

Items You may find of interest, espeically the first two.,

Outrage! The NRA's pro-AWB and Hi-cap mag ban board member Joaquin Jackson.

  • U.S. v Miller, Federal District Court or U.S. v Miller, 1939 Supreme Court

  • Packing.org is a thing of the past. This was the best source of gun laws for years. but with it gone now, give this site a try.

  • What No One Bothered To Tell You About The Smith & Wesson Settlement by Jeff Snyder. The author of "A Nation of Cowards," Snyder's analysis in the July-August American Handgunner of the S&W Settlement with the Clinton Administration, was considerably shortened for reasons of space. Here's the unabridged version.

  • More on the S&W Agreement plus the Law Suits Click Here.

  • Prof. Gary Kleck's "Armed Resistance to Crime" as published in The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Vol 86, No 1, 1995 Click Here.

  • Articles on Colt's Perfidity: NYT, March 12, 1999

  • Next Article, NYT, October 11, 1999: Click Here.

  • Next NYT Article, : Click Here.

  • Kleck's on Colt's Perfidity: Click Here.

  • Congressional Report on ATF Waco Raid, dated August 2, 1996

  • NRA Home Page

  • Texas State Rifle Association

  • The Embarrassing Second Amendment by Prof. Levenson

  • The Two most Threadbare 'Gun Control' Lies by Vin Suprynowicz

  • Racial Makeup of Homicides - Bureau of Justice Report

  • Texan's Against Gun Violence News Articles and Rebuttals

  • Allegations that the NRA Possessed Stolen Weapons

  • American Rifleman Article re:ATF Allegations

  • U.S. vs. Seven Miscellaneous Firearms, ATF vs NRA

  • NRA's Site With Each State's Firearms Laws

  • Interstate Transportation of Firearms

  • Rebuttals to Kellermann and Other Anti-Gun Fables

  • Bill Clinton's Letter to Col. Holmes

  • Col. Holmes' Affidavit

  • David Kopel's Article "Congress' Ganging Up on the Bill of Rights"

  • ACLU Joins with NRA, et al, in Protesting Police Abuse by Feds

  • ATF and/or Other Federal Agency Abuses

  • Jim Moore's "Very Special Agents" - Pro-ATF Propaganda

  • Overview of ATF Abuses

    Courtesy of CSM Sam A. Kersh,USA (ret)